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By March 22, 2017Articles
War Inna Africa-Rory Stone Love-Black Dub Music-Island Stage Magazine
Odelyah excites rhythms in the captivating dance of her voice. Mitzpe Ramon, a
small town in Negev Desert of Southern Israel, birthed this soulful composer and
songstress. Her journey through musical vibrations began when she started singing
and performing at local talent shows as a teenager.
As Odelyah performs, the audience is stimulated by her compelling and
charismatic energy. In 2001 she joined and toured the world with the
internationally known, Israeli Tararam group as a singer, drummer, and dancer.
A conscious connection in Rorystonelove’s studio brought alive the beginning of a
fresh musical journey. Odelyah and Rorystonelove shared tragic stories of Africa
that formulated experiences into song. Black Dub Movement woke the uprising of
a new sound of truth, “War Inna Africa.”

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