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Rick Long


With dance roots originating from Broadway Dance Center, in New York City, Rick Long has extensive training in the dance arts. Rick specializes in Dancehall, Jazz, and Hip Hop styles. He has studied with the most notable choreographers, ranging from the likes of the recently late, Frank Hatchett (legendary Jazz Choreographer) to Wade Robinson (extraordinary Hip Hop Choreographer). He is passionate about dance, because it’s in his DNA, “It’s in my blood”, he has stated. He was born into dance. It’s like part of his culture. His mother, as well as many elders in his family, are all dancers. It just seems natural. Rick Long has performed in over 50 major cities, some of which are international. He has danced and choreographed for artist like Lisa Lisa, and Daddy Yankee. He has performed on the same stage for Salt- N-Pepa, Trey Songz, and SWV just to name a few. Rick Long was also in Step Up 3D, the Movie.

As a choreographer, Rick’s style can be described as sensually artistic, yet with a smooth groove and a Caribbean swagger. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Rick Long, or ever see him choreograph a dance segment or piece, you will find it to be quite unique and creative; a magical mantra, if you will. It is always radiant, filled with precision steps, and is lined with a kaleidoscope of fluidity. When asked what about dance motivates him, his response is simple, “Dancing makes me tick, because it has always put me in a joyful place, and it constantly reminds me to sustain confidence in myself. I have complete control over it, and peace of mind”. Currently, Rick Long teaches his Dancehall Reggae dance class, entitled “Dancehall Explosion” at Pearl and Ripley Grier Studios. He also teaches at David Barton’s exclusive fitness gyms in New York City. Rick was recently selected as one of the models for 2013 New York Fashion Week, for designer, Adrian Alicea. He was also selected as one of the models for Circle of Sisters. Rick dances and performs for different artists on the road, as well as providing choreography for concert or show stage sets. 2013 proved to be a big year for him, because he was selected as one of the 20 principal choreographers for Carnival Choreographers Ball in New York City in the April and November shows. Only a handful of working choreographers are chosen, and very few have been selected in back to back shows. In his spare time, Rick teaches swim and dance class to autistic and special needs children. Rick was also in five magazine features in 2013. L3 Magazine, Dancehall USA, Dance Advantage, YardPR, and Dance Mogul. Three of the magazines, had never presented a dancer or choreographer before to their audience base, prior to featuring Rick. L3 Magazine gave Rick a front cover nod, in their August issue, with Dancehall artist Alaine on the cover.

In May 2014, Rick’s Dancehall Explosion dance class, was one of near 80 dance groups that performed on the New York City parade strip for Dance Parade NYC. The parade ended in Tompkins Square Park. He was one of seven dance instructors selected to perform a 1-minute routine at the Parade Grandstand press box with his group of dancers, and teach a 30-minute Dancehall Reggae workshop at the Teaching Stage. Rick was the only Dancehall Reggae group, at Dance Parade NYC. His Dancehall Reggae workshop had a couple hundred people in attendance, making his workshop, one with the largest turnout. He recently modeled at Harlem Week at Grant’s Tomb and taught a Dancehall Reggae workshop at Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival’s Family FunZONE. Grace’s Jerk Festival has over 20,000 people in attendance. Rick’s workshop gave a fun option to families that were there to enjoy the concerts and the food festival. Rick is also a resident judge at The Gifted Showcase, a talent competition in New York City.

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