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Allinor Releases the Ultimate “Fun” Reggae Single for the Summer

By August 2, 2015blog
Allinor-New Release_Fun-Island Stage Magazine

NY–​Ghanaian reggae artist​ Allinor​ releases his latest single,“Fun”just in time for the summer. The title perfectly describes the song’s upbeat rhythm and positive message. Produced by legendary​ guitarist Earl​”Chinna”Smith​, who’s known for his collaborations with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Ziggy, Jimmy Cliff and many more. “Fun” brings back that timeless backyard chune with it’s uplifting lyrics and feel good vibes.​ According to Allinor, the song“​questions the things we regard with value in our societies–living freely or conforming into what the masses deem as fit. It encourages and strengthens one’s desire to live in happiness within oneself and surroundings. We exhibit this way of living as children but begin to conform with age, and with time lose that part of us, so the goal of the song is to help rediscover that part of us.” Other musicians behind this track include ​Errol Holt​on bass,​Robbie Lyn​on keyboard, Kirk Bennet​ and​ Rashawn McAnuff​ on the drums,​ Dalton Browne​on guitar,and Grammy Award winning engineer​ Stephen Stewart​.

Allinor is a Ghanaian born independent artist based in New York City. He made quite a name for himself in the underground reggae scene with his previous single,“​JourneyMan​” Heavily influenced by his motherland as well as his deep roots in spiritual music, Allinor’s sound is a blend of reggae and western blues,creating​a soul stirring, mood setting style of melodic rhythms. The rising artist has already headlined some of NYC’s most iconic venues including The Shrine and Pianos.





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