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Alerta Kamarada New Release | 7th Album | “Love is in da House”

By February 28, 2018Articles
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“Love is in da House”

Alerta Kamarada

We invite all lovers of good Colombian music to the official release of the seventh album of Alerta Kamarada: “Love is in da House”. Alerta Kamarada has recently joined the Gotok Music roster and together with his new team, is committed to taking his music to all corners of the world. We want to share this incredible album and we hope you join to promote and spread this wonderful product.

Press Review
(By Alexander Bonilla)
Cartagena De Indias, February 20th, 2018

“Reggae Punky Army” is the first single off the album ‘Love is In Da House”, the new discographic production of Alerta Kamarada, the longest running and most acclaimed reggae band of Colombia.
For the popular group from Bogota, it has been over two decades of accumulation of transcendental experiences and consolidation of a rebellious sound represented in their seventh album, as well as in the messages delivered through their potent songs.

“Love Is In Da House” is released after four years of hard work behind the boards and in mixing sessions, in the middle of a constant learning curve, recording all their sessions live and in blocks, analogically, in the style of the most relevant recording studios of the 70’s.

The pre-production of the album was executed by Pablo Araoz and Javier Fonseca in Bogota, Colombia, in the installations of One2 Records and Soyuz Records. In the same manner, the mixing took place in Audivision Studios; and finally the mastering took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Reggae Punky Army” displays the musical impact of Jamaican Ska in the United Kingdom in the 60’s, time during which bands such as The Specials, The Sex Pistols, The Clash are born, as well as the Punk/Rock movement made up of a youth submerged in a vibrant culture, mixed with the Caribbean immigrants, the labor force of the country.

Under that same militant and expressive ideology, the lyrics of this first ingle are born, which are part a conclusive album, with a title derived from a phrase repeated often by master Lee Perry while he rehearsed with the band for their presentation at “Rock Al Parque” in 2014.

“Love Is In Da House” contains only nine varied, new, and original songs. The final section was made according to the taste and sound that has characterized the band throughout its existence. Here, genres such as Reggae Roots, Dancehall, Dubstep, Punk, Funk, Raggamuffin, Soul, Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic, Salsa, and even Bolero can be appreciated.

Once again, we encounter an interesting and sagacious musical production, completely independent and managed once again by the absolute diligence of Alerta Kamarada. “Love Is In Da House” touches on all folkloric nuances that have made this emblematic band the most important of the genre in Colombia, and one of the most representative of the continent.

The invitation is to enjoy, celebrate, and share as much as possible with this new album from Alerta Kamarada, recommended not only by its varied and exquisite melodies, but the pleasure of being able to listen, with pride, to one of the best national bands of the reggae world!


“We are tired of all the lies, manipulation, violence, and cowardice. We are tired of the hypocrisy, the fake news of every day. The conditions that are imposed on us in life: study, work, find your food. If you are productive, the money is your life, ascending is going over others”.

Reggae Punky Army – Alerta Kamarada
Alexander Bonilla

“Love Is In Da House”

Available in all digital platforms.

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