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Album Review – Christopher Martin – “And Then”

By May 21, 2019Articles

Jen Cheshire

In my opinion, Jamaican reggae artist Christopher Martin has always been on the pop side of dancehall music and with his latest album, “And Then”, I feel he has gone even further in that direction.

And Then” is an album with a love theme, that has tracks ranging from upbeat to an acoustic ballad. This album really shows the maturity in Christopher Martin since his 2017 album “Big Deal”.

The tracks on this album that really stick out start with the first track, “Life”, in which he sings about how life has changed since rising from the ghetto. To me this track is the closest to the dancehall sound that Christopher Martin is known for.

Come Back” has a Reggae/EDM feel to it. This could be a big hit in nightclubs everywhere. A definite “get up and dance” song.

Bun Fi Bun” is a song about tit for tat cheating. It reminds me of the hit song “Oh Lord Don’t Let Me Cheat On My Girlfriend”,  from his last album. I wonder if any female singer will bring out a response song to this one.

Another stand out track is the remake of the song “To Be With You” made famous by hard rock band Mr. Big, in 1991. Christopher Martin has taken this classic and given it an up to date feel to make this one of my favorite tracks.

There are a couple of songs, “Is It Love” and “I’m Tired”,  that have the popular summer, beachy, South Sea Island feel to them. These are guaranteed to be a hit with the young USA audience.  

True Love” is a song about finding a new love who brings him out of the dark place caused by many losses in his life. This is a sweet song despite having some corny lyrics like “No need to question you’re my boo love” and “If I am a tree baby, you are my leaf”. Give that lyric some thought ladies. How many leaves are there on a tree?

Don’t Tell” is a song with a twist. Usually it’s a girl wanting to share all about her new love with her friends,  this is a guy bursting to tell about his new woman but can’t because she has a boyfriend.

The album closes with an upbeat love song “I Do It All”.

This album has been released in time for the summer vacations and will be assured a place on the playlists of club DJs worldwide. Christopher Martin fans will not be disappointed in this well put together and well-produced album.

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