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Alaine – Ten of Hearts

By November 5, 2015Articles, Interviews, Magazine
Alaina-Island Stage Magazine-Interview

Interview by : Maliika Walker

Alaine has the voice of love. When I hear her voice I hear the sweet sounds of how beautiful love can be. Not just romantic love but self-love, general love of all people, just love. Her voice embodies a feeling that she truly is living the lyrics she is saying.

Alaine started her career in music as a songwriter before merging into the artist she is today. She is a woman who had a successful career as an investment banker but left it behind to pursue her dream. How many of us sit around and say what if I could truly follow our dreams. What if I had more money, maybe if I just could do this, Alaine did it. She gave up the life she knew to pursue her ultimate destiny.

When I spoke with her I couldn’t help seeing the pure joy on her voice as we spoke about her latest release, Ten of Hearts. Her newest release is a sweet tribute to love. A beautifully produced album filled with messages of love and hope. Do yourself a favor and check out Ten of Hearts and hear the sweet melodic sounds. During our conversation we discussed her decision to leave investment banking behind, her new album Ten of Hearts, and Wafula. What is Wafula? Check out the interview and find out.

Here is our conversation.

Maliika: You made the decision to give up Investment Banking in favor of a career in music. That was such a daring decision.

Alaine: That was a hard decision to make. I had my entire life set up, including my retirement plan. I was working at JP Morgan for about four and a half years when I realized I was going to be financially okay but unhappy. Every Sunday as the sun was starting to set I would get depressed because I knew the next morning I would have to go to a place I didn’t want to be and I was going to be there five days straight.
I sang, performed, and acted since childhood. Performing is what brought me joy so I knew that was what my purpose was. It took me doing something totally different for me to see my purpose. I would work at the bank from 8AM – 4PM, go home and shower, then go to different studios to get my songs placed from 6PM – 4AM. My goal was to be a songwriter at the time so I did that for four and a half years. There were times when I was in the studio with musicians who were living their dreams and I would long for the day when I would be living mine. I was promoted to Assistant Vice President in 2004, which meant I would be working even more hours and traveling to speak about things I did not want to speak about so I quit. I decided to take a leap of faith. I moved back to Jamaica and have been living my dream ever since. Right after I quit my body broke into hives because I was apprehensive about the decision but I stuck with it.

Maliika: I love that you stepped out on faith to follow your passion. There are people who attend schools like Columbia and Harvard so they can rise up the corporate ladder and become an Assistant Vice President at banks like JP Morgan Chase but you walked away.

Alaine: Yes we should never give up on our dreams. We should pursue them until we are living them.

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