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Addis Pablo to drop new project to mark Ganna on January 7, 2016

By January 5, 2016Articles
Addis Pablo to drop new project to mark Ganna on January 7, 2016- Island Stage Magazine

By Midnight Raver

Addis Pablo kicks off the new year in proper form with a project marking the Ethiopian Christmas observance on January 7, 2016. Described by Pablo as “sounds of creation from the Creator,” City of Jah (Abyssinia) is a fascinating new sound and vibe from the young Pablo.

As one of the oldest nations in Africa, Ethiopia still follows the ancient Julian calendar on which which Christmas falls on January 7. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s celebration of Christ’s birth on January 7th is called Ganna.

I spoke with Pablo recently about his latest project, titled “City of Jah (Abyssinia).

“These works came together through the divine inspiration from H.I.M. I was in Neptune, New Jersey with my former band Dub Proof leader and bass player Nick Paolise holding a vibes musically. He had just got the Ableton Push midi-controller so I wanted to try it out as I never had the chance to use it before. I found two chords and began to lay them down on the computer. Then I put a guide bass line which Nick would improvise on and eventually played live bass on in the same session. I laid down my melodica track and another member of Dub Proof, Dave Hollinder, played his saxophone over. In the fall, after returning to New Jersey, Patrick Clarke recorded live drums to the riddim, which I arranged post-production. Finally, the vocal track was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden by Suns of Dub recording artist Roots by Nature. Max Dred laid the guitar track and we mixed it right there in Stockholm on my laptop using Ableton Live.”

The project, which drops digitally on Thursday, January 7, 2016, consists of six different mixes of the “City of Jah” riddim. Once again Pablo continues to redefine the Rockers International sound with a wholly unique production featuring a brutal, hard-driving bassline under a brilliantly-produced atmospheric, dubbed out mix. Roots by Nature’s vocal performance on “City of Jah Meets Rockers International” is unlike anything you’ve heard before – an unrelenting dark and downcast humdrum chant that gives the track a characteristic dread vibe. Pablo haunts the track with a finely constructed and well-played melodica track that perfectly complements the vocal.

One of the finest tracks in the set is “Brass City,” a bare bones mix featuring a spectacular sax performance by Dave Hollinder. Pablo’s mix of “Dub City,” Melodica City,” and “Melodica City Dub” is nothing short of astonishing as he creates eerie soundscapes that truly bring the “dread and terrible.”

“For me this works is close to the heart as all the works which I have done but this being the first production I composed to be played with all live instruments. Give thanks to all the singers and players of instruments who have helped make this works manifest and all praises and credit due to H.I.M. for the inspiration of melodies which I blow and play.”

Addis Pablo (Photo:

Addis Pablo (Photo:

Be on the lookout for more sounds from Rockers International artists Jah Bami and Spliffy Dan. Soon come!

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