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44/876 in Denver! Sting and Shaggy

By October 6, 2018Articles
Island Stage Magazine-Sting and Shaggy-44/876 Tour-Denver

Photos by Angela Kay 

Article Angela Kay and Bernadette Mason

October 5, 2018

On the very day that our country felt more divided than ever, a heavy rain poured over Denver at the Fillmore Theater. Lines snaked around the block, at a closer glance I witnessed die hard 80’s, Billy Idol t-shirt wearing ladies, raucous frat boys, and vibrant but mild-mannered island folks.

The two, unlikely performers that brought this cross-section of people together, none other than international icon Sting and reggae and dancehall legend Shaggy.
I’ll admit, my interest was piqued how would these two-styles speak to each other? And then the music began. Flawlessly moving from iconic song to the next weaving styles and lyrics. I paused to turn and look at the crowd. This was America. This was immigrants’ stories, and stories from home, and history to song, and words from other lands, and this land, these dreams, our dreams.

I looked back on stage, this was artistic resistance, bringing what they each had created and for a time making the room sway, because from one moment to the next the Shaggy fan was moving to the lyrics of Sting and vice versa.

So, for just a moment it was the similarities that united us not the differences that divided us…one people.

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Set List

  1. Englishman in New York
    (Sting cover)
  2. 44/876
  3. Morning Is Coming
  4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
    (The Police cover)
  5. Oh Carolina / We’ll Be Together
  6. If You Can’t Find Love
  7. Love Is the Seventh Wave
  8. (Sting cover)


  9. To Love and Be Loved
  10. Message in a Bottle
    (The Police cover)
  11. Fields of Gold
    (Sting cover)
  12. Waiting for the Break of Day
    Gotta Get Back My Baby
  13. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
    (Sting cover)
  14. Don’t Make Me Wait
  15. Angel
    (Shaggy cover)
  16. Dreaming in the U.S.A.
  17. Crooked Tree
  18. Shape of My Heart
    (Sting cover)
  19. Walking on the Moon
    (The Police cover)
  20. So Lonely
    (The Police cover)
  21. Hey Sexy Lady
    (Shaggy cover)
  22. Roxanne / Boombastic



  1. Encore:
  2. Desert Rose
    (Sting cover)
  3. It Wasn’t Me
    (Shaggy cover)
  4. Every Breath You Take
    (The Police cover)
  5. Fragile
    (Sting cover)

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