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4/20 With Steel Pulse at Red Rocks Amphitheater

By May 3, 2019Articles

When many think of Reggae, the thought that often follows is the mellow and languid high of  marijuana, if that is “true”,  than no better combination was to be shared then Iya Terra, The Movement, Steel Pulse, Pepper and Stick Figure who came together to celebrate 4/20 at the iconic Red Rocks in Colorado.

While the music echoed off of the deep red clay colored mountains and rhythm and melody moved people in unison, it was easy to forget that reggae has always been a conduit to tell a much deeper story. One of migration, politics, language, culture, environment, human nature, pain and ultimately love.

Nestled in the middle of the perfect line up was the iconic Steel Pulse.  They took to the stage to greet the crowds and to tell their story, to represent their homes, heritages and genre. Generations of story telling translated into music.  Some hits we have known and some new songs from their upcoming album release Mass Manipulation, will surely become favorites.

Within this show there was a large variation of reggae fans, and to some in the audience Steel Pulse was classic, to others new, but both left as forever fans.  While music filled the air, it was the majesty of the Red Rocks rising out of the ground that provided the stark contrast for all of us who were ensconced by a feeling of “home”

article by Bernadette Mason

Photos by Angela Agnew

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